MOSCOW – Anton Scherbyna has been living in the security zone of a Moscow air terminal for almost seven days since coming back from a special first night with his Russian spouse just to fall foul of Russia’s new prohibition on outsiders entering due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Ukrainian national, who works in Moscow as an instructor, presently rests on a line of seats, eats carrier nourishment and utilizations Vnukovo air terminal’s latrine offices to wash and remain clean.

“The conditions are presumably better than in a Russian jail, however more awful than ordinary living conditions,” Scherbyna, 31, told Reuters by means of Skype from the security zone.

Scherbyna is one of many remote nationals stranded at Moscow’s air terminals after Russian specialists banned outsiders from entering until May 1 of every a push to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Russia has so far revealed 658 affirmed coronavirus cases and dropped numerous flights to and from the nation. One individual who tried positive for coronavirus has kicked the bucket.

Brandishing a goatee whiskers and a blue sweater, Scherbyna could fly back to his local Ukraine by means of Minsk or Istanbul, yet said the rest of the tickets were extremely estimated and that it look bad for him to fly there in light of the fact that he lives in Moscow.


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