A coronavirus patient who got care in the clinical emergency unit Cleveland Clinic was released for the current week and left behind a contacting message for the staff there. The patient composed a note on the glass entryway of the seclusion room where guardians had much of the time spoke with him, Cleveland Clinic shared on Instagram.

“This window has been the most significant window in my life,” the patient wrote in dark marker on the glass. “On days when I watched you make a solid effort to keep me and others alive, incapable to thank you for the time that you filled me — and despite the fact that I will most likely never find the opportunity to pour that equivalent love and backing into you, I need you to realize that I think all of you are rockstars.”

“I observed some of you have great evenings and some awful evenings however what was steady each night was that you care for individuals,” the note proceeded.

“Today I leave this ICU a changed individual, ideally to improve things, not just due to your clinical mending and God’s bearing and direction, yet with the reality of realizing that there are such brilliant individuals committed to the consideration and worry of others,” he composed. “God bless every one of you.”

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