Previous Pakistan captain Javed Miandad attacked the Pakistan Cricket Board for giving a long rope to ‘non-performing’ players, saying that no player from the present Pakistan side can discover a spot in groups like Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, and India.

“I need to ask them is there anybody from Pakistan who can supplant players in groups like Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, and India?

“None of our batsmen can play in these groups. We have bowlers however none in the batting line-up.

“This world sudden spikes in demand for an everyday schedule and wages. Score runs today, take the cash and go. Score runs tomorrow then we will again pay you cash. You are an expert, in the event that you don’t work or score runs, at that point why take cash? This is the activity of the Pakistan Cricket Board. They have to guarantee that no one underestimates the cricket crew,” Miandad said in his Youtube channel.

Miandad was talking in answer to Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shahzad’s remarks about being prepared to speak to Pakistan for an additional 12 years.

Further attacking Pakistan’s cricket approaches, Miandad said Pakistan is the main group that picks players based on their past exhibitions.

“Nations like England and Australia pick crews on an arrangement to arrangement to premise. They overlook regardless of whether you have scored 500 runs in the past arrangement. Pakistan is the main group where you get 10 innings in the wake of scoring hundred. Individuals continue bombing however there is no worry, which is the reason the group has such a significant number of issues.

“Take India for instance. They score 70, 80, 100 and 200 that is called execution yet none from our group can play in top-class sides of the world,” Miandad included.


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