The primary individual to get the main shot in a trial of an exploratory coronavirus antibody Monday said that she found out about the preliminary through a Facebook post.

Mother of-two, Jennifer Haller, 43, of Seattle, Washington, revealed to Refinery 29 that she caught wind of the antibody preliminary around about fourteen days back, when Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute ‘put out a call for volunteers.’

‘A companion of mine posted it on Facebook, and I was searching for something to do that could be useful, so I promptly rounded out the study. The following day I got a call to survey my wellbeing history,’ Haller said.

‘I passed every one of those capabilities, and went in the following day to do a physical test, a blood draw, and get more into my wellbeing history. What’s more, clearly, it was all acceptable and afterward I got the call to get the main antibody’ on Monday morning.

Haller said that while the preliminary is ‘offering cash,’ monetary compensation wasn’t the thought process behind her chipping in.

As per the preliminary’s examination volunteer data page, members will get $100 per each in-person study visit and those that total all visits will be paid an aggregate of $1,100.

‘In the event that I was doing it for cash like you couldn’t generally pay me enough. So it’s only a token, and it’s not so much a driver for me,’ she said.


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