Pakistan’s anti corruption guard dog on Thursday captured the proofreader in-head of one of the significant media bunches for unlawful ownership of a land parcel.

Pakistani media detailed that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has captured Mir Shakilur Rehman in Lahore for neglecting to show that he had purchased a 54-kanal land legitimately.

While the NAB asserted that previous Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had wrongfully rented the land to Rehman in 1986, the Jang bunch said the property “was purchased from a private gathering 34 years prior and all proof of this was given to the NAB.”

The Jang Group blamed the NAB for harboring a grudge against the production. “During the previous year and a half, NAB has sent our columnists, makers and editors over twelve notification taking steps to close down our channels because of our revealing and projects about the counter defilement guard dog.

“The NAB has likewise, through a few methods, attempted to convince us to go moderate, to stop stories and to help different stories in out to the detriment of the full truth. We won’t stop any correspondent, maker or stay from any story that is on merit, and simultaneously will incorporate NAB’s rendition,” an announcement of the media bunch read.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz told columnists in Islamabad that this crackdown on the media is an old strategy. “Legitimate reporters were focused on and sidelined and today you have captured the leader of a media house. This may hinder the news however it won’t obstruct reality,” she told the media.


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