Previous Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar accepts the country’s cricket board can possibly succeed on the off chance that they have the opportune individuals taking choices. He scrutinized the mindset of the exclusive class in Pakistan and said that they generally need a powerless individual under them with the goal that they can run undertakings.

Akhtar additionally said that cricketing sheets the whole way across the world are utilizing previous cricketers to run issues however PCB isn’t receiving this approach and henceforth, cricket is enduring in the nation.

Akhtar likewise said that Pakistan have quit creating organizations and foundations in the nation and this impedingly affected the game and the youthful players attempting to take this up as a lifelong decision.

He likewise proceeded to add that inferable from the coronavirus pandemic, IPL will cause significant damage and India will acquire overwhelming misfortune.

“I trust India don’t acquire this misfortune and I trust they thrive, however it is all occurrence which is terrible,” he proceeded to include.

“The most compelling motivation for outrage is PSL… Cricket came back to Pakistan after such a significant number of years, the PSL was going on in our nation just because now even that is in danger. The outside players are leaving, it will occur in secret,” said Akhtar on his Youtube channel.

“I don’t comprehend why you need to eat things like bats, drink their blood and pee and spread some infection over the globe… I’m discussing the Chinese individuals. They have put the world in question. I truly don’t see how might you eat bats, canines, and felines. I’m extremely furious.


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