The fast flood in the positive Coronavirus cases has sent the whole country into stress. In the midst of the developing quantities of COVID-19 patients, the administrations in different Indian states have closed the shopping centers, schools and universities to evade parties. Indian Film and TV society has likewise delayed the honors and gatherings in the coming time.

In the middle of all the tumult, Malayalam on-screen character Utthara Unni has chosen to delay her marriage festivities. While the couple, Utthara and Nitesh Nair will have ceremonial Thaali-kettu function (wedding service in South Indian people group) on the chose date in a sanctuary, the festivals will be checked later.

Refreshing the world about the equivalent, Utthara expressed, “As the world is experiencing a pandemic episode of the coronavirus, we have chosen to defer our wedding festivities until the circumstance quiets down. We lament to advise this to everybody who had booked their tickets ahead of time to join our upbeat occasions. Will update all of you as often as possible about the coming dates”.


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