Without a doubt, a handshake with the US president is a serious deal the same number of consider the man generally incredible on Earth. Be that as it may, due to coronavirus fears, US President Donald Trump is exhorted not to handshake.

The guidance came after a designation of Brazilian president as of late met Trump in the US and a portion of the authorities after the excursion were tried positive with COVID-19.

In any case, handshakes were all around the White House on Friday when Trump met business pioneers at a public interview on handling the novel infection’s episode.

After Trump himself announced a national crisis and requested that individuals take “presence of mind measures” to maintain a strategic distance from contamination, he warmly greeted different speakers in the platform.

Be that as it may, Bruce Greenstein, CEO of the home human services supplier LHC, manages to stay away from the handshake.

Greenstein, rather gave the US president an elbow knock, to which Trump stated, “I like that. That is acceptable.”


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