Tricks To Sell Your House for a Bigger Profit


A home seller must be well informed how to  negotiate for their home. According to GOBankingRates there are 25 best tips on how to add value to your home before selling it.

Here are some of the best insider tips for increasing the market value of a  home.

Stage Your Property

According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Profile of Home Staging it’s easier for a buyer to visualize a staged property as a future home. According to data from The average cost to stage a home is between $2,000 and $2,400. You can seek help from real estate agent If you’re unsure how to stage a home.

According to the report, the living room, the master bedroom, and kitchen, most importantly these three rooms must be stage for the buyers.


Research Your Ideal Homebuyer

Every buyer has his own demands and needs. Different type of property attract different types of buyers. Knowing your buyer can make easier when selling your home.

According to Lucas Machado, president of South Florida-based real estate investing firm House Heroes, a buyer looking for a move-in ready home “does not want to do any repairs, and so spending time and money to make repairs makes sense,”

Machado said “If the property is in poor condition … it likely won’t qualify for a traditional bank mortgage”.

Machado added more and said These types of buyers prefer to do repairs and upgrades themselves. “The investor can likely do that work with more skill and less cost than the regular homeowner”.


Create a Digital Home History

move-in ready and well-maintained homes attract the buyers the most. HomeZada, an online service allow a seller to create an online digital footprint that give details of a home’s maintenance records, like floor plans, warranty documents etc. If you have properly maintained your home, it is because of an online digital footprint that you can enable to showcase your efforts by allowing  buyers to fully appreciate the maintenance of your home history.


Boost Your Curb Appeal

outside looks of a home has a huge effect on many potential buyers as they walk through the front door.

According to Than Merrill, CEO of FortuneBuilders, “If buying a replacement door is not within the budget, “consider repainting it for a fresh, clean look”. Further he added “pressure washing the driveway and front walk — and trimming the hedges and trees — also contribute alot to the overall look of the house.”

Cannon Christian, president of Renovation Realty, suggested for the people with a high budget for renovations replacing worn vinyl siding. New vinyl siding can have an 80 percent or higher return on investment.

“It’s easy to install, cheaper than other alternatives like aluminum and wood and requires little maintenance.”


Upgrade Your Kitchen

A minor change in the kitchen offers a high likelihood of recouping the investment, according to the Value report by Remodeling Magazine. According to the 2013 Home Feature Preference NAR report, an eat in arrangement Granite countertops and new stainless steel kitchen appliances are the key features for home buyers.

Other features which can boost up your kitchen value are A coat of glossy, white paint, dated wood cabinets and new flooring options, like tile or bamboo etc.

Make Your Walls Pretty

Pretty walls much add to the value of the home and attract the potential buyers. A homeowner must consider the look of the walls and must try to use fresh and glossy neutral coloured paint. “Many wallpaperand bright paint colours can turn off potential buyers” said Hager.

Update Flooring

Hardwood floors are usually the way to go. in hot climates areas Ceramic tile flooring and laminate flooring does well, and can give the look of hardwood without the hefty price tag.

Moreover having carpeted floors, can be a potential hazard for the home buyers who have allergies.

Light It Up

Lighting up the home is the most appealing and attractive feature for the homebuyer.

Nathan Garrett of Garretts Realty Group said, “by cleaning the windows, opening up the blinds and allowing natural light to come in makes a room more appealing.” Artifical light is costly and pay off as well.

Create a Clutter-Free Oasis

A clean and a well organized home leaves a good impression on the buyers. A well-maintained home attracts the potential buyers. Untidy kitchen, cluttered rooms or dusty furniture give the opposite impression. Moreover well organized rooms appear larger.

Kelly Hager, CEO of The Kelly Hager Group Real Estate Services, said. “Wash your baseboards, wash  your cabinets and dust everything, including exhausts,”

Keep Maintenance Up-to-Date

It’s easy to let routine maintenance slide, particularly when day-to-day life gets busy. Still, the short-term costs of regularly servicing the HVAC unit or inspecting the roof can go a long way toward boosting home value when you’re planning on selling your home.

According to Jason Harriman of Heyl Group at Keller Williams “A home owner must not  forget to keep up the maintenance of the home otherwise when inspected there would be a long list of neglected items.”


Repair What’s Visibly Broken

Repairing and fixing the house hold items add a great value in the price of a selling home.

“It does not cost much, but it’s necessary to enhance the value for discriminating homebuyers,” said Brad Chandler, CEO of Express Home Buyers. homes that are in move-in condition Attracts the buyers more.”

A suggestion by Chandler is “unfixed households such as misaligned closet doors, leaky sinks and cracked windows, may rise question in the buyers mind that how well the home is cared.”

Know When To Sell

Ryan Fitzgerald, owner of Raleigh Realty suggests, “You must sell when inventory levels are at their lowest and buyer demand is at the highest.” Fitzgerald added that before selling the seller must do his own search to know about the local real estate market.

Selling during the “magic window” can boost a sales price by as much as $22,000 according to online real estate site Zillow.

Price Your Home Properly

A home seller must not set the initial price too high. Instead, he must start with a low price.

Many real estate agents also suggest that “a low starting price has many benefits as it increases the numbers of buyers.”

According to Garrett, “Pricing the home  below market value can increase the active buyers who know the market,” said Garrett. Otherwise high price make the buyers suspected.

Be Flexible

“flexible behaviour and your good conduction leaves a powerful impact on  your potential buyers,” says Chandler. If a buyer wants to close on a certain timeline, he suggested you find a way to make it happen. If a buyer falls in love with an item in your home, consider including it in the offer.

“Your non flexible behaviour, can loose your buyers, if he has another home on his list with a great offer”, adds Chandler.



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