Morphoz, a shape shifting concept designed to act as both a city car and a long-range cruiser. Ranult also unveiled his forthcoming kadjar-sized electric crossover.

At the end of the year Renault’s first electric crossover will be introduce. And this is being built on Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance’s new CMF-EV platform. This car is for urban families in the year 2027 and it will serve for multiple functions.

It was revealed by Gilles Normand, Renault’s electric vehicles of the Morphoz’s design will be used in the forthcoming production crossover and further models will be built on the platform.

“in case we are going to take it for direct persistence, the direction will still matter a lot. There features, such as the orientation and excessive space, are going to be of great value because of cars platform”

It was clarified by Normand to the reporters that till now Morphaz is just a concept that has been unveiled in front of the stylists for the thorough pondering and future modeling.

It is designed to adopt differing motor and battery set-ups and the packaging benefit of the smaller motors enables greater interior space. The adaptable CMF-EV skateboard chassis pushes the wheels to the corners, with Renault saying the ‘aerodynamic’ design of the underfloor batteries enables it to sit lower to the earth.

The platform is designed for cars in the “B+ and C+” segments, which will sit above the Zoe and new (but not-for-UK) Twingo ZE in Renault’s EV line-up.

Renault set forth its latest concept in recent years to preview future technology. The Morphoz is intended as a near-future vision. Whereas the previous models have looked further ahead to fully autonomous cars.

While talking about its City form, it uses a 40kWh battery that offers around 249 miles of range, which will be comfortable to use daily. When you plan for an extensive journey, this concept car can be altered to a apecial mode in which there are unique extensions. It uses the technology similar to the wings of airplane. There is a A-pillar where the car will stretch one of its side. This increases the length from 4.4 meters to 4.8 meters and the wheelbase from 2.73meters to 2.93meters and it offers more passenger space and luggage storage.

The volume of  the Morphoz is 2meters wide and 1.5 meters tall and sits on 22in tyres in both modes. In case of shortage a 50kWh battery can be introduced, which will extend the total capacity to many more degrees. The front wheels deliver the power through a single motor. It has two ways of electrical conductivity.

The variation in size and range between the Morphoz’s two modes gives some indication of the flexibility of the CMF-EV platform. It also showcases how buyers could reduce their carbon footprints by not ordering cars with bigger batteries by default.

A bold interior will be installed in the Morphoz. The control instruments will be enclosed in a layered compartment. The screen is in the shape of letter ‘’L’’ where many controls are displayed. There will be a 10.2in screen fitted on the steering wheel which will allow you to process many functions.

The concept is not familiar with any old or previous concepts. It destines to a semi autocar which will not be fully self driving. It will enable the driver to take rest while driving like the pilots take rest on their flight.


In a question answer session held with FR Leboine, Renault concept car design boss, the need to develop such a size changing concept and it’s uniqueness from the previous ones was asked. Further, the estimation that, whether this idea will reach production or not, was questioned. The boss told that they wanted to look at what’s going to happen sooner. Designers want to talk about the future in a way that is clever and conceptual. So such a design was thought necessary that is comfortable for everyday use. ‘’We wanted to look at one answer that can do many things’’, said Leboine. Working on such project is time taking and requires many security check. The boss explicated that the structure of this car is having a lot of safety and if it’s good when it’s short, why not when it’s long? Bigger cars often absorb energy better.

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