the refrigerator is a tool to preserve food. It’s true with some foods only. Meat, dairy products, and many types of produce in the house can’t be kept without fridge. It is true that refrigerators  are a modern miracle.

With the advancement in technology There are still some foods that lose their freshness when refrigerated. because chilling food finishes the flavour the flavor and changes the appearance too.

Here is a list of 15 foods that are not to be kept in the refrigerator any time:


These are best stored in a cool, dark environment, but when refrigerated, starch in the potatoes, start making a gritty texture that is unhealthy to eat for humans.

There is also the risk of the starch getting turned into sugar which reduces the flavor further.


This underground vegetable get spoiled more quickly in the refrigerator than outside It. It’ll get musty and pulpy before you get to know. The best way to store onions is storing them at room temperature and preventing them from direct sunlight.

In order to store a peeled onion, put it in a sealed bag and place it in the vegetable drawer.



These white colored cloves tend lose their flavor when stored in the fridge. To keep the pungent taste, store it in a cool and dry container with some ventilation.

A bag of paper is a good idea. Garlic begins to degrade once the head has been broken. So it must be preserved in paper bag.It is good to use ginger within 10 days



The best taste of whole melons such as cantaloupe, honey dew and watermelon is maintained at room temperature. The anti oxidant contenet present in melons can be degraded more quickly when kept in refrigerator. It is healthy to eat these fruits at room temperature. When the fruit is cut then the pieces could be stored in refrigerator for couple of days.



When you keep honey in refrigerator, it will crystallize. The texture of honey changes and it becomes grainy and the solid contents get separated. It is no more available for use then!

It’s better to keep honey at room temperature for consuming it till a long time. If you desire to use the solidified honey then you should keep it in warm water.


Bread is kept in refrigerator to stave off mold growth. This practice can also dry out the bread which people don’t enjoy anymore.

Bread must be stored in a bread drawer.for long use , freeze it and then toast the slices when needed.



Nuts must be store in a air tight container at a room temperature. Bit if you have refrigerated them than only toasting them will make them fresh.



A coffee lover knows there is a great difference between a good coffee and a bad coffee.

In order to attain a fantastic brew from the coffee beans keep them at room temperature. Otherwise refrigerating it will cause condenation.



The best place to store tomatoes is on the counter shelf. Because Chilling tomatoes vanishes the flavor and makes the texture crumby.

If these tomatoes are not ripe, put them on a sunny windowsill. If they begin to over-ripen it’s best to cook them, after which they can be stored in the refrigerator.


There is plenty of vinegar in hot sauce that prevents bacterial growth. It’s okay to store hot sauce in the refrigerator, but it does steal some of the spicy heat of the peppers. And there is really no need to chill hot sauce to preserve it.


Everyone enjoys this tasty spread on graham crackers, toast, or fruit, but when you keep it in the fridge it solidifies and cannot spread evenly.

Cold chocolate-hazelnut spread also loses some of its distinctive flavor. In general, unopened containers can keep for two months in the pantry. Open containers are safe for about a month past their sell-by date even without keeping them in fridge.



Apples can be refrigerated if you prefer them cold, but it is not necessary. As a matter of fact, chilling the apples break down there flimsiness.

This fruit can be kept to display on a table or counter for a ten to fifteen days. If apples are not eaten after couple of weeks then they can be placed in the fridge.


Avocados are a tricky food when comes to recognition of their ripeness. When you eat an under-ripe avocado it’s like biting into a raw potato.

It’s good to refrigerate avocado if you have one that has gotten ripe but you aren’t ready to use it.



Once the berries are picked, they don’t last very long, so it’s best to buy them on the day you want them rather than store them somewhere.

Still, the fridge is better than the counter if you are going to hang on to berries for a few days. However, most get moldy very quickly once they become wet, so never rinse a whole carton and then store it.



The fruits like plums, peaches, nectarines, and apricots ripen best at room temperature and are called stone fruits. It’s ideal to store them in a paper bag on the counter or in the pantry for peak flavor.

However, if your stone fruit has ripened but you can’t eat it right away, your fridge’s fruit bin will keep it from going mushy for a couple more days



Pantry, counter, and drawer are best places to store and keep these items for longevity and good appearance. These items can be refrigerated when cut otherwise refrigerator loses their taste, flavour and texture.


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