Days ago when i was a student our teacher told us the importance of using words. He said you can say one thing in many ways.

Mera Baap aya

Mery abou aye

Meri maa ka khasam aya

Now the last one seems really odd while it all convey the same meaming. At times we use Naked words intentionally or unintentinally, once you are done you cannot undone it, also you cannot force others to interpret as you wanted them to interpret. These a days a great debate is going on with the pharse MERA JISM MERI MARZI, These are really naked wordings and in Islamic world prohabitat wordings infact. If she had any good intentions her words could be MERA WAJOOD MERI MARZI, if she wanted to convey that Women should be givin rights as individual then wordings should be like this. I watched AAJ Shahzaib Khanzada Talk Show where he interpreted these wordings like this that women should be given rights.

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar did same while using the abusive langauge in a live talk show. being a writer himslef he should know how to use words and how to give anyone a shut up call using RIGHT words.


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