Eating smarter than eating less is the best way for a flatter stomach.

Here are some secret tips for a flat belly by skme nutritionists and food expert.

Incorporate diuretics into every meal

Rebecca Lewis says that squeezing a lemon in a water helps in cleansing our body as lemon is a natural diuretic. Consuming beets  parsley and asparagus helps to pass extra water quickly when we are on high salt diet. Incorporating diuretics in our every meal help to maintain our tummy flat.

Find your magic portion

Having a detox food or drink in our diet helps us to stay in shape with our other efforts of staying slim. Having a lemon tea smoothie helps to feel less puffed up to lose weight.

Eat on small plates

Lisa Hayi, founder of The Well Necessities says, “eating on small plates helps to consume less because starting with less portion of food likely makes you to jump in for seconds after u have cleaned your plate”

And make them red plates

stop!’ is the first word that comes in our mind on seeing red colour. Research show that eating in red colour please helps to eat less as compared to other colours of plate.

Swear off the salt shaker

According to The Nutrition Twins having high level of sodium in our diet not only bloat our stomach but also our fingers, ankles and feet. Apart from salt add red chilli pepper flakes,  garlic powder, spritz of lemon or vinegar and freshly ground black pepper to boost up the flavour.

Be a conscious eater

“Turn off the TV, stop tapping on laptop, put a side your mobile and all electronics because it makes you unaware of how much you are eating. eat in a relaxed environment just eat, when you eat. Take your time in eating and chew food fully up to 20 times so that it can easily swallow and gets digest easily. Don’t eat quickly otherwise it is a major cause of stomach bloat.”Lewis says.


Feast on fibre rich food

Have fibre rich food in your diet because it slows down hunger cravings and digest easily. “whole grains, beans, fruits, veggies, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, and popcorn are good source of fibre.


Be a sugar sleuth

According to Hayim “we must aim for less than 10 grams per serving of sugar. As sugar is the main cause of weight gain and bloated stomach.”


Eat a salad first

DeFazio says that “having a bowl of slad before dinner helps a lot in shedding belly fat. Because salad gives a fibre boost before main corse.”


Nosh on some ginger

“Ginger is a natural anti inflammatory, helps in digestion and let us feel relax. Ginger must be in our every food and beverages for a flat stomach”, says Hayim.


Befriend cukes

“Cucumbers are the only one quercetin you must have in your diet. Quercetin is flavonoid antioxidant that reduces swelling and bloating of abdominal region”, according to Hayim.


Eat asparagus

Removing excess water, alleviating bloating and helping good bacteria to live in your gut are the reason of having asparagus in your diet, as asparagus is anti-bloating.


Focus on magnesium and potassium

According to the research of Lewis “bananas, potatoes, acorn squash, and dried fruits are rich in potassium, while leafy greens and pumpkins are rich in magnesium. Electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphate are power duo of beating bloat.”


Drink water as soon as you wake up

Hayim says “drinking 8-16 ounces of water after waking up helps to detoxify, freshen up body and helping in bowel movements.”

The Nutrition Twins say, “drinking water before morning tea or coffee helps to flush sodium and the bloat.”


Eat real and eat clean

To avoid ton of sodium that is added to preserve food and consuming unprocessed and pure food, is “eating clean, real food.”


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