Immune system is great blessing for us as it fight against  the invaders that  enter our body. But some viruses like cold manages to infect us every year, which should not happen like that.

Some researchers searched that by adapting some daily habits we can be able to catch less of the deadly cold. Here are some of these habits:

You bite your nails

Germs enter our body through nails also so nail biting is way of entering germs in our body.

You don’t wash your hands properly

Washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and warm water less the risk of germs to attack us.

You don’t drink enough water

Drinking less water increases the risk of dehydration, which weakens our immune system .

You consume too much sugar

A high rich sugar diet Mark’s negative impact in gut bacteria which is a major component of immune system.

You don’t hug

According to a research hugging has a soothing and anti stress effect, but don’t hug to someone who is already sick.

Using wrong soap or hand sanitizer

Use regular soap and water to resist against cold virus instead of antibacterial soap as they only kill only good bacteria.

You take the elevators

Buttons of elevators are covered with germs so avoid touching them and use stairs instead which will boost up your metabolism and will improve your immune system.

You don’t get enough sleep

Suppose you are watching Netflix at night, for instance, you will presumably end up cutting hours out of your sleep. Your immune system will be delicate and you will feel tiredness. This indicates that your body is less effective at fighting infections.

You’re not controlling your breathing

If someone coughing or sneezing passes nearby you,  breath out and inhale only after they pass.

You eat junk food on a regular basis

Junk foods are mostly processed and these types of diets are likely to rise inflammation inside your body and have a negative affect on your intestinal flora. Both of which weaken you to catch an infection easily.

You don’t clean germ filled objects

Germ filled objects like keyboards, switch boards window knobs, doorknobs, dining tables and bed sheets should be laundered on a regular basis.

You try other people  food

Sharing infected people’s food and drink risk the level of sharing germs.

You hang on to the handrails

Handrails are the most germ filled object that when touched increase the level of catching cold.

You don’t clean gym equipment before using it

You must clean or wipe the machines at the yum before using them.

You smoke or hang around smokers

If you or someone near you is smoking, in both cases the risk of inhaling the toxins is injurious.

You have limited sun exposure

Deficiency of vitamin D, higher the risk of having a cold.

You are skipping your yoga

Yoga improves breathing and decreases stress, which is enough good to resist against cold.

You lack probiotics in your diet

Probiotics are the major part of our guts which keep our gut flora healthy.

You go to malls on busy days

Avoid going in crowded places as the risk of inhaling germs increase in these areas.

You don’t use a humidifier

A humidifier keeps your room moist and prevent the air to dry, as dry air block nasal passages.

You shake hands constantly

Avoid shaking hands with sick people or else wash your hand and do not touch your face, eyes or mouth.

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