Your intense calorie burning exercise and having healthy food diet can have a little effect if you are not cooking your food in a healthy manner. Cooking meal properly and healthy is as important as taking meal and keeping yourself active.

Susie Burrell top dietitian shares some cooking mistakes which hinder losing unwanted pounds:

Not measuring added

Drizzling excessive oil while cooking, even though you are using healthy oil, does not mean you consume lots of it. Rather you should measure the amount of oil to be used, so that it helps you in weight loss.

Susie says “we must consume only one or two tablespoons of oil every day and should avoid the free pour method rather use measuring oil portions so that fat intake is controlled. One must intake one tablespoon per serving.

Utilizing too many sauces

By Using sauces and spreads like mayonnaise, tomato sauce and various seasonings to boost the flavour of our food are the major reasons of piling up hundreds of extra calories, salt and sugar. For example there are 108 kilo calories in one serving of mayonnaise.

Susie wrote in “shape Me”, “you must be very mindful and must use measured portions of sauce and seasoning so that controlled and limited amount of calories and salt are taken.”

Excess protein

According to Susie “we intake a lot of protein every day in the form of meat  poultry or seafood. In contrast we should have low calorie diet with high nutrient in the form of vegetables and salad. In short we must minimize our portion of protein.”

A women, must take only a size of small hand of  protein. And  men, just roughly the size of a small hand.

Cooking using oil or butter

During cooking Susie says that “we should use pans and grills so that no oil is required or we use baking papers as a lining for the pan to cook fat free fish and sausages. Moreover protein enhances its flavour when cooked on baking paper and as a result no fat is added in form of oil.”

Oils and butter are nothing but just only calories increasing agents.

Adding cooking extras

Susie recommends us to use low calories extras in our meals to enhance the flavour or taste of the food. According to her feta, grated cheese, avocado, sour cream are high calories extras and a reason to expand our waist size. While cottage cheese, plain yogurt, herbs and spices are low calorie and fat extras.

To have control on our weight we must add only one extra in our meal and it should be in measured portions too.


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