When antibiotics were not discovered, many bacterial infections led to death. After the discovery and than the development of antibiotics it has lead to a lifesaver for not only humans but also for animals. After antibiotics were discovered millions of lives were saved and surgeries became safer.

Bacteria can change themselves according to the environment so they can easily be evolved and can become immune to the medication and this is called antibiotic resistance. But we are over using antibiotics


This cloved antibiotic is considered as an all rounder. Ginget is not only been used as a natural antibiotic but also as anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial for hundreds of years.



This is a tasty natural antibiotic, due to the presence of carvacrol in it. for GI tract infections and all sort of infections, this antibiotic is very good, specially the oil of oregano. Because of its anti-fungal property it is very useful for skin issues.



It is one of the best known natural remedies, but many people use it to treat the virus that causes the common cold – a use that research suggests is not impressive. It is also particularly effective on respiratory infections.



From today onwards, stop throwing away the seeds from your morning grapefruit! Extract from those seeds has been found to be as powerful as the active ingredients in antibacterial soaps.

The extract from its seeds may be used internally for bacterial infections or externally for warts and communicable disease cure.



Many people eat Ginger every day. Gingerol is its active component  that has been proven to reduce your risk of developing cancer and to prevent or soothe digestive issues.



Many veggies in the cruciferous family tend to blow up your intestine. But when you’re trying to fight bacteria, cabbage is just what you need.

Although sulfur compounds in cabbage  cause gas, but they also destroy harmful cells. The antibacterial function of cabbage is strongest when you eat it uncooked.



We are usually advised to keep things bland when we’re sick. But spicy cayenne pepper is actually both antibiotic and anti-fungal in nature, so you might want to feel the burn to get rid off your illness soon.

It’s best to dilute your cayenne with a carrier oil – olive or coconut are good choices – so that you get the benefits without harming delicate tissues.


For the past a few years coconut oil has been considered as a miracle product that’s good for your body inside and out. coconut oil also has antioxidants and anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

Coconut oil also makes strong the immune system but is also rich in unsaturated fats so we must be careful.



weight loss, cancer prevention, proponents report and cures all manner of ills are all the advantages of apple cider vinegar

We do know that ACV has both antibiotic and anti septic capabilities, so it’s up to you to use it every day and get benefit from it.



For health benefits not only olive but also its oil is very useful. since 1800s olive leaf extract are used as a remedy for fever.

It was also found to treat malaria. The elenolic acid in olive leaves kills bacteria, virus and fungi.


No one denies the importance of antibiotics but you can do your part to slow it down by using natural antibiotic alternatives whenever possible. Incorporating at least one per day of these 11 products into your routine can boost your immune system and stop bacteria from gaining a foothold in your life.


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