According to researchers, the ability of the body to lose weight depends a lot on the breakfast.

“Ability of loosing weight depends on how much calories are consumed by the body”, discovered by a team from Vanderbit University in the US.

Researchers did an experiment and monitored the metabolism of young and old people. For this they arranged a whole room respiratory chamber and had two seprate 56 hour sessions, in which the lunch was given at 12:30pm and dinner at 5:45pm

But the last meal was given at different times. To one group of 56 hour session the third meal was given at 8:00pm as breakfast while to the other group at 10:00pm as an evening snack.

The result showed that, the timing of the third meal had a great impact on the amount of fat burned.

Participants who had breakfast burned more fat than those who skipped it and had it late at night as a snack.

“Having a daily fast between breakfast and evening meal helps to maintain meal burn fat efficiently. Because our eating habits have a strong implications on our fat burning due to the body clock which burns fat when we are sleep,” said by Kevin Kelly, Owen McGuinness, and Carl Johnson.

Breakfast food that help in weight loss

Smoked salmon toast

A whole wheat bread toast with cream cheese spread and tooped with 56 gram of smoked salmon and onions is rich in calcium. According to international journal of obesity “calcium in dairy contributes to burning fat”

Egg and greens

Study of journal Appetite says that “vitamins A and K, spinach helps to cut cravings.” Two eggs with two cups of green fried in olive oil is a fat burning breakfast.

Chocolate cherry waffles

Chocolate cherry waffles breakfast not only looses weight but is also a cure of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Home fries with sausages

56 gram of sausage and sweet potato cooked in olive oil and sprinkled with red pepper is a definite way to lose weight. According to Women’s health report hot red pepper eaters consume less calories.

Tofu scramble

Tofu scramble served with whole wheat bread and cheese is a good combination of soy and protein rich diet.

Muesli with cherries

According to the university of Michigan health system, “pigments in dried tart cherry reduce weight and fat.” Two tablespoons of tart cherries withered on oats in a half cup of sugarless almond milk.

Pistachio rice pudding

The ingredients of pistachio rice pudding are a half cup of brown rice with topping of 15 pistachios cooked in fat free milk.

The researchers of American college of Nutrition say “people who have pistachios in their daily diet have lower body mass index than those who have pretzels in their diet”

Barley with walnuts and mapple syrup

According to a research, walnuts have polyunsaturated fats that not only reduce fat but are also good for heart. This dish is cooked by mixing three fourth cup of barley with half cup of fat free milk and 10 walnuts.

Orange pomegranate ricotta toast

Mix one fourth cup of ricotta with two tablespoons of honey,  one navel orange and kne tablespoon of pomegranate seeds and spread it over a slice of whole wheat toast. A report issued by Women’s health say that “pomegranate aid in weight loss and fat burn.”


Breakfast of burritos with black beans keeps your stomach full for long.

Guacamole Turkey sandwich

A report issued by Health magazine says that avocados help reduce belly fat. So these Guacamole turkey sandwiches are a healthy alternative item for breakfast.

Banana smoothie

Ingredients of banana smoothie are 112 gram of plain low fat yogurt, cup of skim milk or almond milk (23 calories less) and a medium banana. Vitamin B6 aids in weight loss and protects against type 2 diabetes.

Peanut butter strawberry wrap

The research of British Journal of Nutrition says peanut butter controls cravings upto 12 hours.

French toast with strawberries

Strawberry contains vitamin C, some calcium  magnesium and potassium, hunger busting fibre that help to lose weight.

Yougart and grapefruit parfait

To burn belly fat probiotics in yogurt help to “lower chronic inflammation, improve insulin in diabetic and healthy people and lower cortisol levels,” a report issued by American college of Nutrition.

Make a base of wheat germ and flax seeds in a dish, than make a layer of grapefruit and 226 gram of yogurt  and than top it with honey and wheat germ.



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