If some websites in Eastern Europe follow through on what they advertise, you do not even have to know what the deep web is to rent yourself a contract killer. The sites are offering their services, completely openly over the web, for anyone to.

By now you’ve all heard about the legions of tech-savvy hitmen hanging out on the deepweb waiting to be asked to kill people. The sites have gained lots of attention in recent months, largely due to Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founding father of infamous deepweb drug and assassin marketplace trade route. Ulbricht is currently accused of using the trade route to rent a hitman to kill six people, and was arrested in an FBI sting on October 1.

The sites are offering their services, completely openly over the web, for anyone to access and place an order. Running since February of this year, one site offers everything the bloodthirsty revenge seeker may be after.

When it involves the murder itself, several options are available: “death from natural causes or an unfortunate incident”; “‘random’ murder during a fight (for example in an assault at night),” or the “classic” ordered hit. Prices for these rely upon various factors, like the placement of the victim and whatever challenges the hitman may have to beat to finish the duty. For a further fee, customers can request a slew of optional extras: leaving the target naked within the forest; having them dig their own grave.

Mexico’s Drug Cartels

Members of Mexico’s drug cartels are beginning to harness the facility of the net, using it to run positive PR campaigns, post selfies with their pistols, and search out targets by tracking their movements on social media.


The website states: If you would like to kill someone, we are the proper guys. We’ve got professional hitmen available through the whole USA, Canada and Europe and you’ll hire a contract killer easily. Most of our gang members are drug dealers but they are doing contracted killing once the

Murder for hire

Upon analysis, IBTimes UK found the trove of leaked data contains variety of interesting messages between the web site admins and wannabe hitmen, a slew of individuals requesting murder-for-hire and even refund requests – showing that even underground hard-men need to occasionally do paperwork.y are short on cash.

Murder-for-hire crimes that lead to actual killings are more difficult for the police than the murder solicitation cases. This is often because they involve crime scenes, physical evidence, autopsies, witnesses, and suspected masterminds with alibis they will establish.

Murder-for-hire cases, from a criminal justice point of view, raise interesting questions related to the comparative sentencing of masterminds and hitmen. Because both the mastermind and also the killer will be found guilty of first-degree murder, they’re eligible, in most states, for the executing.



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